The traditional Anna Picnic of the Burgenlaender Club Toronto took place on Sunday, July 16, 2017. As usual, this event was held at the Evening Bell Park, Adjala Township. The organizers were concerned. Huge clouds appeared on the horizon in the morning. The downpour did indeed occur towards the end of mass that was celebrated by Rev. Father Ed Eherer, from St. Patrick’s Parish in Toronto. Nevertheless, Father Eherer was able continue with the celebration and afterwards all found refuge in the huge Club House where our traditional foods were offered for sale.
The Golden Keys moved to the Club House and the dancing started after lunch. Later on, the sun decided to give us another chance and we all were able to move outside and enjoy the planned activities. In addition to dancing to the tunes of the GOLDEN KEYS, Roy Perl had organized numerous games for young and old that were very much enjoyed by everyone. Please take a look at the picture gallery, maybe you’ll find yourself there...
We would like to thank everyone who contributed so generously to the success of this event. Many thanks to Rev. Father Ed Eherer who celebrated Holy Mass with us, the many volunteers who worked diligently to feed us, which kept us in good spirits. Gabriele Grof, the president of the Burgenlaender Club was pleased as around 500 people attended the event.


The Burgenlaender Club Toronto celebrated its 40th anniversary. It was a celebration unlike any other!
JC Banquet Hall (the former Danube Swabian Club) was the perfect venue , and we were happy to welcome close to 200 guests who shared in our joy.

The highlight of the attendees was without a doubt, a government delegation from Burgenland; headed by Mr. Hans Niessl, the governor of Burgenland,  HR Dr. Walter Dujmovits, the president of the worldwide organization of Burgenländers, the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft. 

14 people travelled from Austria to Canada on May 26th, 2017 and celebrated with us on May 27th, 2017.

We were also honoured to welcome His Excellency, Dr. Stefan Pehringer, the new Austrian ambassador to Canada. He travelled from Ottawa to be with us, and we were thrilled to get to know him  - as he has been at this posting just for 3 months!

At this occasion, governor Mr. Niessl took the opportunity to hand out awards to several members of the community who made significant contributions to the Burgenlaender Club Toronto. Award recipients were:

Gabriele Grof
Bernadette Toner
Roy Perl
Joe Eberhardt
Eva Hergovich

More details of this part of the celebration is to be found under AWARDS of our website.

Mr. Niessl gave an impressive speech (in English!!) and pointed out how important it was to retain the ties to the country of our birth. HR Dr. Walter Dujmovits assured us that we are not forgotten.  He gave an overview of past activities of the Burgenlaender Club Toronto, and recalled many former members that unfortunately are no longer with us. He, as president of the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft, has been instrumental in keeping the ties with Burgenland alive and vibrant. We thank him most sincerely for his devotion to the cause.

Maria-Lucia Hergovich, together with her mother, created a Powerpoint presentation which focused on the Club from its conception. Many picnics, and many dances were recorded.  It was a joy to walk down memory lane.  

JC Banquet Hall served a delicious buffet dinner and we were entertained by the Matt Lebar duo at suppertime. They played tunes from years ago that were most enjoyable to listen to. Afterwards, we were called to dance to the music of the GOLDEN KEYS that never disappoint us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who contributed to the success of the evening. 

Roy Perl was an outstanding MC and carried us through the program. We would like to specifically thank our pastry chefs who year after year,  bake for our events - quietly, without much fanfare, yet their "goodies" are very much appreciated! 

We would like to thank:

Helen Bader
Sylvia Baliko
Emma Buczolits
Helga Graf
Gabriele Grof
Maria Hacker
Paula Heinisch
Eva Hergovich
Mary Kuzmich
Annie Leodolter
Johanna Pauly (and she lives in AJAX!!
Anni Rosner

Apologies if there is anyone that we may have inadvertently overlooked.

A beautiful evening, a gift to us all, that we will remember for years to come.



- Two important motions were tabled and carried. 
Scholarships:  In the past, scholarships were granted to applicants who were children (or grandchildren) of members of the Burgenlaender Club Toronto. In recent years, many student applicants were grandchildren of members but their parents were not members of the Club nor were they involved in the Club’s activities. 
If this were to continue, we would end up with a “grandma/grandpa” club that would not be able to sustain itself, as there would be no continuation of preserving the Club’s legacy. 
For this reason it is imperative that parents of students who apply for a scholarship also be members of the Club, and this for at least 3 consecutive years. 
Since this is a new rule, and everyone should have equal opportunity to apply for a scholarship, we’ll “phase this rule in.”
For 2018, the parents of student applicants are expected to have been members of the Club for at least 1 year.
For 2019, the parents of applicants are required to have been members for at least 2 years; and for 2020 applicants, parents are expected to have been members for 3 years
For all subsequent years following 2020, the rule for parents of applicants will be applied, and they must have been members for a minimum of 3 years when the scholarship application is received. 
Parents (and their children!) are encouraged to remain ongoing and active members of the Burgenlaender Club Toronto. We have a number of functions throughout the year where we could definitely use some additional support! 
For example, during our Anna Picnic (in July of each year), there are a number of volunteer jobs available... in the kitchen, helping with children’s games, parking lot attendants, and the list goes on. 
For high school students, such activities could count towards their mandatory volunteer hours. 
Everyone is encouraged to remain an active member of our Club, not “only” during the scholarship application time!

- Membership fees: The increase in fees has been in the works for quite some time. 
The meal that we offer our members at the AGM far exceeds (the membership fee of) $10.00 and this for a few years already. We are no longer in the position of being able to cover these losses.  
For this reason, the motion was tabled that membership fees be increased to $20.00 for singles and $40.00 for families. This carried motion will be effective as of January 2018. Please bear in mind that our Club’s membership fee is still significantly lower than that of similar clubs.
The fee for the quarterly magazine of the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft (that is edited and printed in Burgenland and mailed to you directly), remains $20.00 per year. 
The Club does not have any control of this fee. It is set by the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft in Güssing.

Upcoming Events:

- Martini Dance 2017: November 11, 2017, J.C. Banquet Hall (former Danube Swabian Club) 1686 Ellesmere Rd. Scarborough; Details under NEWS

May we introduce to you the new
Board of Directors 2016:

President:         Gabriele Grof

Joe Eberhardt
Roslyn Eberhardt
Ernst Grof
Paula Heinisch
Eva Hergovich - Burgenländische Gemeinschaft
Hans Klebesits
Lilly Rank
Tom Zander


Anna Picnic 2017

Anna Picnic 2017

Anna Picnic 2017

Anna Picnic 2017

Anna Picnic 2017


Welcome At The Airportevents2017-1

Matt Lebar Entertains At Dinner Time

40 YEARS BURGENLAENDER CLUB Toronto: (from left to right): Joe Eberhardt, Bernadette Toner, Landesrat Alexander Petschnig, in front of him Gabriele Grof, Landesrätin Astrid Eisenkopf, Landeshauptmann Hans Niessl, Eva Hergovich, Roy Perlevents2017-3

It’s so much fun to be together

 We enjoyed ourselves… with the commemorative glass