The Annual General Meeting will take place on Sunday, April 8, 2018.  Location: J.C. Banquet Hall, 1886 Ellesmere Road, Scarborough, ON (former Danube Swabian Club). This meeting is only accessible to members of the Burgenlaender Clubs Toronto.  We hope that many of you will attend as this is an election year.

40th Anniversary of the Burgenlaender Club Toronto:

As already reported under EVENTS, we were fortunate to have had the opportunity to celebrate our 40th anniversary with honoured guests from Austria/Burgenland. They participated in a beautiful celebration on May 27th 2017, A night unlike any other. Please read up on it.


a) Federal elections in Austria: October 15, 2017

Austria's federal elections took place on October 15th, 2017.  Foreign minister Sebastian Kurz (31 years old) of the People's Party was the clear winner. Below are the results in more detail:

ÖVP (People's Party): 31.5%

SPÖ (Socialists’ Party): 26.9%

FPÖ (Freedom Party): 26%

PILZ: 4.4%

GREENS: 3.8%

There were several smaller parties that participated in the elections but did not receive sufficient votes to qualify for representation in the Austrian parliament.  The GREENS will also not be represented as they did not receive the minimum of 4% of the electoral vote.

At this time, the chancellor designate, Sebastian Kurz, is negotiating with representatives of the Freedom Party and will form a government with them.  The Socialists’ party will form the opposition.

b) The FEDERAL UNION OF EUROPEAN NATIONALITIES (FUEN) is an organization with its goal to protect minorities. There are 60 million people who live in European countries as part of a minority. Within our community, we are familiar with minority groups; such as the Donauschwaben in Serbia, the Gottscheers in Slovenia, the Croatians, Hungarians and Roma in Burgenland. FUEN has drafted a “Minority Safety Pack Initiative” and is asking for signatures to have this draft accepted by countries where minorities reside. If you would like to know more about this initiative, this is the link:

(small selection of the many that are being held)

Seespiele in Mörbisch: Gräfin Maritza by Emmerich Kálmán

Opera in St. Margarethen: They are taking a break this year

Kobersdorfer Burgspiele: Arsen und Spitzenhäubchen by J. Kesselring

Burspiele Güssing: The Merry Wives of Windsor by Otto Nicolai plus for children:
Ein kleiner Sommernachtstraum a free adaptation of Shakespeare's play.

July 1, 2018 in Moschendorf

e) AUSWANDERERMUSEUM GÜSSING: is worthwhile a visit!!

Öffnungszeiten: May 1st - October 31st, Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays:
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm.
Should you wish to visit outside of regular visiting hours, please call the office of the Burgenländische Gemeinschaft to make an appointment.
Burgenländische Gemeinschaft: Tel. 03322 42 598, or e-mail:

Chancellor of Austria
Sebastian Kurz

sebastian kurz

Mörbisch 2018
Mörbisch 2018

Kobersdorf 2018
Kobersdorf 2018

Güssing 2018
Güssing 2018

Güssing 2018
Güssing 2018


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