HR Dr. Walter Dujmovits, the President of the Burgenlaendische Gemeinschaft was awarded one of the eleven prizes from the Theodor Kery Foundations by the governor of Burgenland, Mr. Hans Peter Doskozil.  This was in September of 2020.   Dr. Dujmovits was the first historian to scientifically research the Burgenland emigration.

The Theodor Kery Foundation was set up to award people, projects or institutions that are or were carried out in the interest of Burgenland.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Dujmovits !  We all know and appreciate  the work and dedication to Burgenland by Dr. Dujmovits as he has been devoted to the Burgenlaedische Gemeinschaft for decades. 

On the picture below are (from l. to r.) Mag. Gerbavsits, the Director of the Foundation, Mrs. Helene Dujmovits, wife of Dr. Dujmovits, HR. Dr. Walter Dujmovits and the governor of Burgenland, Hans Peter Doskozil. 



Well, we too have had award ceremonies in Toronto in the fall of 2020.  Due to the pandemic though, they had to be held in each recipient's garden or front lawn as we try to follow all the rules that are now placed upon the population of Ontario.

The Burgenlaender Club Toronto awarded those members, who are NOT on the Board of Directors but have contributed significantly to the successful running of Club events. They were helpful whenever they were called upon and for this reason, we would like to acknowledge them!

Our gratitude goes to: (in alphabetical order) Sylvia Baliko, Helga Marie Graf, Adolf Graf, Roy Norman Perl and Bernadette Toner. Congratulations!

Many others have contributed as well but we are unable to award everyone.  Thank you to all for the help and devotion to the cause.

Below: Sylvia Baliko, Helga Marie Graf, and Adolf Graf

Sylvia Helga Adolf

Below: Roy Norman Perl with his wife Julie, and Bernadette Toner

Roy Bernadette



...was founded 40 years ago.  Without a doubt, a wonderful opportunity to celebrate.

The Club evolved from the Austrian Club Edelweiss, as many members were Burgenlaenders. 

On this website, under the ABOUT US section, the history of this community is recorded. 

We were especially honoured by the visit of a government delegation from Burgenland, headed by the Governor, Mr. Hans Niessl, and the President of the Burgenlaedische Gemeinschaft, HR Dr. Walter Dujmovits.  The Burgenlaendische Gemeinschaft is a world wide organization of Burgenlaenders. Just last year, the Burgenlaendische Gemeinschaft celebrated its 60th anniversary!

Governor Niessl took the opportunity to award distinguished members of the Burgenlaender Club Toronto.

Awards were presented to: 

Mrs. Gabriele Grof, current President of the Club
Mr. Roy Perl, former President of the Club
Bernadette Toner, presently responsible for the distribution of scholarships
Joe Eberhardt, is (and has been) on the Board of Directors for many years
Eva Hergovich, editor of the website and the newsletter for the Club

We would like to thank Governor Niessl, and the delegation and HR Dr. Walter Dujmovits, Mrs. Helene Dujmovits and Mr. Erwin Weinhofer, the Vice President for their attendance. We thank them for their kind words, and for having awarded distinguished members of our community.

From left to right: Roy Perl, Joe Eberhardt, Landesrätin Astrid Eisenkopf, Gabriele Grof,
Landeshauptmann Niessl, Eva Hergovich, Bernadette Toner, Landesrat Alexander Petschnig

awards awards1

awards2 awards3